Documenting Tele-mental Health Training



We’re all in a state of transition right now.  As a mental health therapist, you are finding yourself transitioning from in-person counseling to tele-health (or tele mental health or tele-medicine – depending on who you ask).  I’m going through this transition as well.  My hope is these tools will help reduce some of the strain and frustration for you and better enable you to continue treating your clients who need you so badly.

Here’s what you’ll gain from the video training:

  1.  Learn what tele-health platforms you can use during the pandemic
  2. 9 basic requirements needed in an informed consent specifically for tele-health
  3. 6 clinical documentation for tele-health
  4. 4 questions you can ask your insurance company regarding tele-health
  5. Learn how to establish medical necessity remotely as it applies to the pandemic
  6. 16 interventions that are specific to the pandemic
  7. How to determine if you need to write a new TX plan for pandemic or continue using the same one
  8. How to plan for emergencies or mental health crisis

As a special BONUS, you will also receive a PDF checklist / outline with requirements and resources.  Print out this tool to guide your implementation plan for tele-health.

tele mental health documentation bonus PDf in miniature