Clinical Forms



Whether you attended a documentation training and now wish to purchase forms that support the thorough and effective documentation you just learned, or you wish to figure out how to use them on your own, you can purchase Clinical Forms directly for only $287.

Customizable Documentation Templates:

Available as Word Docs, Fillable PDFs and static PDFs. Word Docs and fillable PDFs can be customized to meet your clinical needs. No need to decide prior to purchasing. All three versions will be sent so you can decide what works for your practice.

Word Docs have the most flexibility in terms of customization and the “narrative” areas expand to meet your narrative needs. Though they can lose their formatting, recovery is simple by clicking on the back arrow. Most people find the Word Docs easy to use.   Plus, they can always be downloaded again.  For best results, we recommend using the most recent version of Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office 365.

Fillable PDFs have less flexibility in terms of customization, but they will hold their formatting under all circumstances. If you are severely technically challenged, these may be the forms for you.

Use the static PDFs (non-fillable) if you’d like a pre-formatted version that may more easily print for you.  This is a good solution if you do not use Microsoft WORD.

You are welcome to make minor adjustments to the documents to suit your clinical needs, but you are NOT permitted to share them with others.

For more information on how to use your form and other technical questions, please visit our FAQs page

This package includes:

  1. Diagnostic or Intake Summary
  2. Treatment Plan
  3. Treatment Plan Review
  4. Session Note
  5. Case Consult
  6. Discharge Summary


  1. Real case examples of each form
  2. Extensive list of Barriers to Treatment
  3. Tips for Completing Authorizations and Phone Reviews
  4. Since starting anything new can be challenging, 3 weekly emails with tips on how to streamline the use your new forms.

Thank you for your interest in Documentation Wizard.  Please let me know how they help you in your practice here.