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Licensing Agreement

Documentation Wizard ® trainings (live and digital), forms and templates and consultations, are designed for you to learn and implement the skills necessary to maintain psychotherapy records that accurately represent your work and document medical necessity.

The above includes Diagnostic Summaries, Treatment Plans, Progress Notes, Case/Collateral Contact Notes and Discharge Summaries. It also includes any and all of the Master Administrative and Master Diagnostic Packages you may purchase and use.

Using these forms and templates, participating in a live or digital workshop or training, or receiving a personal consultation does not guarantee:

-- that insurance companies will authorize the number of sessions you request.

-- that you or anyone in your practice or who you may supervise will pass an audit.

-- that you or anyone in your practice or who you may supervise will avoid an insurance recoupment.

-- that your documentation is immune to legal issues.

-- that your documentation will guarantee the fulfillment of workman’s compensation claims, disability claims, or any other claim you may need to write and provide.

Neither Documentation Wizard, LLC nor Beth Rontal, LICSW are responsible for the content of your notes, for passing an audit, or any possible legal issue that may occur.

These forms are for your use only.

These materials are copyrighted.

This is a single use agreement.

All sales are final.

If you wish to use these forms for your group practice or clinic, please contact Beth Rontal directly to discuss your needs.

Forms and Templates

AFTER YOU PURCHASE AND DOWNLOAD your forms, please feel free to customize them to suit the unique needs of your practice. For example, add your name and licensure at the top of each form in the space indicated. However, these forms, are the intellectual property of Beth Rontal, MSW, LICSW and may not be distributed to any other psychotherapist for their use.

Please make note of your user name and password so you can download your forms or get access to the video at any time by logging in again.

Additionally, these forms and other materials are not returnable. All sales are final.

This Licensing Agreement is included in the Terms and Conditions you will be required to acknowledge when you make a purchase.

Thank you for your understanding.

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