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Documentation Dash and Done Day



a co-working experience:
Catch Up On Notes — and Stay Caught Up!

Past due notes feel like lugging a 100-pound weight down an endless dark hall. Even when you’re not thinking about them, the weight of overdue notes is like a recurring nightmare. They invade your sleep and drag you down. They can even make you feel like a “bad therapist.”

A day. A week. A month. Even a year or more. It’s possible to catch up on your notes and stay caught up. I know. I’ve done it and I have helped hundreds of therapists do it.

  • Writing past due notes can feel lonely, shaming, and isolating.
  • But you’re not the only one!
  • And the antidote for shame is sharing with others who support you.

So, we’ve organized a day for therapists who share your need and desire to lighten their load and end the nightmare.

  • No shame.
  • No pain.
  • Just getting notes done together.

Whether you’re a little or a lot behind on your notes, join us to catch up and learn how to stay caught up. I’ll share my methods for getting notes done in the company of others who are just as committed to the same outcome as you.  Come ready to get your notes done together with like-minded friends on Zoom.

Do the Documentation Dash and get them DONE.

Friday, March 29, 2024
9am – 1:30pm PST
10am – 2:30pm MST
11am – 3:30pm CST
12pm – 4:30pm EST

Only $37 for 4.5 hours.

There are no recordings and no refunds. This is a co-working event.
Since this is NOT a training, there are no continuing education credits available – just lots of finished notes.


Your virtual community workspace includes…

  • 25 Tips to Get Notes DONE!
  • Dash & Done Agenda
  • Outline of Beth’s Tips for Plowing Through Notes
  • A short tutorial at the beginning.

… to help you get your notes DONE.

NOTE:  This is a co-working event.  NO recordings.  NO continuing educations credits.

Here’s what to expect on the Documentation Dash & Done Day:

➢ We’ll spend a total of 4.5 hours together. Join for all or part of the time. Whatever works for you. (Remember, no recording and no refund. This is a co-working event only.)

➢  We’ll use a Zoom Meeting. It’s preferable to leave your camera on to increase your accountability. But keep your sound off to minimize potential distractions (like the sound of many keyboards!) — until the breaks.

➢ I’ll spend 15 minutes at the beginning explaining the Documentation Dash process. How to catch up on notes and stay caught up.

➢ You’ll learn the Pomodoro Method. One 5-minute break every 25 minutes with one longer break in the middle. (Research shows the Pomodoro Method works great for getting tasks like this done.) Follow this method or not. It’s up to you.

➢  I’ll play a variety of music from soothing to energizing. You can listen to my music or mute it and play your own, or work in silence. Whatever works for you.

➢  Ask me questions in the CHAT (so you don’t distract others) during the writing period and I’ll respond.

➢  During the breaks, you can get help if you have a specific question about a note, share your wins or your struggles. Or just TAKE A BREAK!

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